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17 Deployed Military Men Who Cheated On Their Wives Back Home
When you're a military family, deployments come with the territory. While it's not an easy time for everyone involved, things can become even more difficult when a spouse becomes unfaithful during the time apart. These military wives know exactly what that feels like as they open up about being cheated on while their husbands were deployed. Here's how they dealt with the heartbreak and sadness that comes with broken trust through cheating.

Military men can and do cheat on deployment.

My husband of 6 years cheated on me with 3 different women while deployed to Bahrain. I was pregnant and raising our 5 year old son. He even fell in love and had a full blown affair with one of them.


My ex husband just informed me that the same woman he cheated on me with while he was deployed just cheated on him.

What are the odds?

My husband cheated and its been so hard to move pass it and just when I start to feel like we are in a good place I find out he is being deployed back to the place where he cheated


My husband cheated on me while he was deployed. He is a civvie now & refuses to sign the divorce papers. 

Me:That's fine, when you die I get your VA benefits as your spouse!  WIN!

Honesty is the best policy.

I think my husband cheated on me while deployed. Craziest thing is, I don't really care, just wish he was honest.

No kidding.

My deployed ex husband cheated and created a baby out of it. I'm still hurt by it.