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Intense Thoughts From Parents Who Used To Party
Becoming a parent can truly change your life. Your world now revolves around a tiny human who you love so deeply. For parents who have battled addiction or simply partied too much, having a child hopefully puts a halt to their devious behavior. This was the case for these moms and dads. These parents share their most vulnerable confessions about how their children changed their drug and alcohol fueled lives. These powerful confessions will remind you that it's never too late to have a fresh start.


I used to drink far too much,  then I got pregnant. 
I'm now staring down at my beautiful two week old daughter thinking she'll never know how she became my world and saved it at the same time

The times have changed.

All I wanna do is smoke, drink, hook up and party. But I'm a mom now. No more of that until my little due is older. No regrets though.

Sometimes the apple does fall far from the tree.

I partied hard. My kids didn't drink, smoke, or do drugs. Straight A students who would rather have been home than out partying lol.


When I found out I was pregnant 18 years ago I stopped doing drugs and started eating better. When I had my beautiful daughter my alcoholic mother quit drinking. My oldest child saved two lives before she turned 1.

Making moves.

I want to go to the bar after work but I'm going to go to the gym. My son deserves to have a healthy mom not an alcoholic.


When I found out I was pregnant I had been using cocaine and other drugs pretty heavily. My son is now almost 11 and I've been clean and sober almost 12 years. He saved my life.