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"I became an escort to get out of debt. It worked."
The Hustle Was Real For These 19 Debt-Free People

I used to be a plus sized cam girl and despite of society judging me I don't regret it. It paid my career, took me out of student debt, and allowed me to start my online business.
Someone just deposited $470 into my bank account- exactly the amount needed to get me out of debt. I have no idea who it was, and the bank can't tell me either. It's my first Christmas miracle!
My uncle just surprised me by paying off my student loan debt. I might cry by the time I come out of shock.
No one takes me serious when I tell them I am going to become a stripper in order to stay out of college debt
My tax return this year is huge. Big enough for me to pay off one of my credit cards. My new years resolution was to get out of debt... Look like I'll finally be keeping a resolution for once.
I'm about to start dating someone just so he'll bail me out of debt.
My husband and I came into $20,000 spontaneously. We paid off a shit ton of debt and finally got him out of his shitty car. It was a godsend!
I'm an escort. Since my friends have found out I've been ostracised from our group. I'm out of debt but I'm lonely.
My credit card is almost paid off.  I'm working more hours so it's gone two more payments and I'm out of debt.  I'm seriously so proud of myself.  
2 grand out of debt here I come
Fighting to stay out of debt has left me alienated from social interaction.

I take 20+ hrs, take 16 credit hours, and driving everywhere in between.
I've made up my mind. I'm am going to live poor for a year, save up a bunch of money and get out of debt, then leave forever to a different country.
Washing dishes at Austin convention center to get out of debt. 2015 is going to be a hard working year, so, 2016 I can rest.
I want to take a gap year. Not for fun just so I can work and get my parents out of debt before I leave for uni
I haven't had sex in a year because I lost my social life to work to pay off debt.

 In 1 week I'm out of debt and good for money, and I can enjoy life again.
My mother has taken the majority of my paychecks since i moved home to help get out of debt(not complaining) i worked overtime last week and asked for some of it goes in my face like im complaining
Going to sell weed to save money and get out of debt but I only have 3 people who wanna buy so far I hope I can do this lol
Unfortunately it's time to sell my girl. I love my car, but I have so much debt that I need to get out of.
1969 Chevy Chevelle
(Car in pic)
I got an offer to do porn...idk how i feel about it though..not that comfortable with my body....would get me out of debt though
Where can I donate my eggs and be assigned/picked for a family within the week? I need out of this debt I'm drowning in
I ended up moving home to get out of debt. But I was happier in debt...      I hate it here.


The Honest Reality Of Being Married & In Debt