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Way Too Relatable: The 20 Most Unfortunate Times To Get Your Period
Born with a uterus? These confessions may feel way too real. But, if you weren't born with one, keep reading so that you can understand half the world's regular, monthly struggles. Periods are a normal occurrence, but can have incredibly unfortunate timing. They definitely also don't care if you have a big exam or party coming up. When a period knocks on the door, there's no stopping it.

*stands there in awkward silence*

The awkward moment when your male teacher asks why you're late and you reply with that you had to go to the bathroom. Then he asks why it took so long but you can't say because you were on your period

When burritos are life.

That awkward moment you're on your period and see a picture of a burrito and start crying because it's so pretty and you want one so bad. #mensesmakesmecrazy
Trans teen problem...

Not being able to run in PE because you're on your period but you can't tell the teacher that because you're a boy so you awkwardly waddle like a stabbed penguin.
Got my period at my friends house, on Halloween she did not have hers yet and the only adult their was her dad. 
More that a little awkward

When your dog really is your best friend.

That awkward moment when your period is synchronized with your dogs, yeah this really just happened to me
That awkward moment when you're at Disneyland and you start your period on the tea cups....