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15 Alarming Confessions From Bank Tellers
The contact we have with bank tellers is typically minimal. You swipe your card, tell the teller what you need, you swap pleasantries and go on your way. But have you ever wondered what's really going on in their head? Or maybe you'd like to know what their most shocking experiences are? These 15 bank tellers are ready to spill.

What do bank tellers wish their customers knew? Find out below.

I'm a bank teller, not a wizard...sort your cash out yourself!
I'm a bank teller and when you pull up to the drive thru and your kids aren't buckled or even in a car seat I judge you.
I'm a bank teller, not a fortune teller. Please tell me what you'd like me to do with your check when you hand it to me.

The struggle is real

As a bank teller, I would like you to know that I hate bothering you to open up new accounts/etc every time you walk into the door. Probably more than you do. But I'll get fired if I don't.
I am doing well In college.
I Am 18.
I'm a bank teller.
But I'm still considered a failure since I'm pregnant and choose not to marry.
I was raised very sheltered and i work as a bank teller
But sectetly i wanna get covered in tattoos and join a biker gang


30 years ago this month, 
I got my first job as a 
bank teller.
I'm now a 
Senior Vice President. 
I never went to college.
There is no shame in being self made.


I used to work as a bank teller and whenever my drawer was over in cash I would deposit the money to whoever seemed like they needed it most the day. I never got caught.
I'm a bank Teller and Everytime I see a large balance in an account, I wonder what that old fart did for a living.

; /

as a bank teller, it kills me to the core that i have to treat rich people as gods and peeps w/ financial issues as criminals.
I'm a bank teller. The worst part about my job is the rude customer. I'm gonna take my time handling your money so I don't screw up your bank account.

The simple things

I'm a bank teller, I secretly get joy out of closing my widow as someone walks up without being called up.


I became a bank teller so I can see which guys are rich and flirt with them.
I work at a bank. when im the only one working, I look at the other employees accounts to see what they buy.
I work in a bank and sometimes I daydream of pulling off the perfect heist.


I work at a bank. I once found $2000.00 on the floor. I almost put in my bra. I turned it in instead. 

Don't get mad, get even

I work in a bank and the only way I can get "even" with a rude customer is to give them worn out, mutilated, or mystery stained cash.  And I do.


I work at a bank
Today a customer asked if a target Receipt was a valid form of identification....
I work for a bank. I've found people are dumb and tellers can't do basic math.
I'm a bank teller. If you're rude, I make you send in your ID, even if I don't actually need it, simply because it you find it annoying.


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