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"Honey, I Tried Making Love With You, And It Made Me See That I Prefer Men"
Love is a complicated thing. You're on the search to find that one other person who's supposed to "complete you" or something like that. Now, imagine that you think you've found the one. But, whoops. Turns out they're attracted to people of the same gender, and that's definitely not you. Love is love. Some people just end up finding it in an entirely new relationship.

My ex left because she realized she was lesbian. She was my first in everything, so it was brutally devastating.

You got this!

I've gained 40lb since the last guy dumped me by having his friend call me to tell me he's gay... Time to get back in shape. Not going to focus on that coward anymore.


My boyfriend and I broke up after he came out. Instead of hating him for it, we went out shopping and have remained best friends.

Sometimes, knowing the truth really helps.

So, I just found out the real reason my boyfriend broke up with me is because he's gay.

I can get my confidence back knowing it wasn't my fault!

Sometimes, all you really need is time.

My boyfriend from high school turned out to be gay. It took us years to become friends again. The shock eventually settles.

Better now than later.

My fiancé broke up with me because he realized he's gay. While it's a huge blow to my ego, at least I found out now.
That moment when your husband leaves you to marry his gay boyfriend, bc gay marriage was legalized......
He actually came out to me 5 minutes after we "became official". I appreciated the honesty and still loved him as a person. He broke up with me 7 months later, & I was happy for him to accept himself❤

A tough decision might end up in an even stronger friendship.

I dumped a guy because I was gay. he didn't talk to me for 3 months and then sent me an 8 page text saying he still loves me and wants things to work. we're best friends now :)
i broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years once i got over my denial and accepted the fact i was a lesbian.
I broke up with my girlfriend when I
realised I was gay.
That was 3 years ago
and I've still never
dated a guy.
Turns out the reason my ex broke up with me is because he wanted to be "out of the closet" and I never knew about it. Today he is openly gay and I'm happy for him with highest respect.
I broke up with my girlfriend because everyone at school found out I was gay and I couldn't take it. I still don't know why people were so awful about it.

Shortest relationship ever.

I dated this guy and he broke up with me after four hours. His response?

"I found out I'm gay"

Um how do you find out ur gay after four hours of dating a girl?
I was in love with a guy who was gay but not out in high school, he told me before I graduated and it crushed me... he moved and we never spoke again.
My ex wife ended up killing herself...honestly wish I would have stayed in the closet...maybe she would still be here.

Memories that'll last a lifetime...

It was at our wedding reception. Everyone saw my fiancé making love with the best man behind the DJ booth. It was devastating, but I eventually moved on.
I broke up with my boyfriend because I found out that I'm gay. Now my Mum is super mad at me and says that I "shouldn't have come up with that lesbian thing and just stay with him". 
God whyyyyyy

Well, that was unexpected.

I was the one who figured out they're gay. I'm a guy, and left her for another guy.

But, the guy realized he wasn't gay or anything. So, now I'm all alone, too.


"Honey, I tried making love with you, and it made me see that I prefer men."

Okay then...


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