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These People Drunk Texted Their Ex To Show Us How Terrible Of An Idea It Is
Yes, we're pretty much all guilty of texting someone we shouldn't while we were intoxicated. But hardly any of us can say it ever was a good idea, or that it turned out to be a positive thing. Your friends will urge you not to drunk text your ex with very good reason. It's just not a good road to go down. If you need more proof, read the confessions below...

If that's the nicest thing you can say, then don't say anything at all.

I drunk texted my ex saying I missed his dick. 

Probably the nicest thing I've said to him since we broke up.

Alcohol can impair your ability to recognize reality...

I drunk texted my ex last night. Thought it was a dream.
Yeah, nope it was real.

You don't want to even think about how they'll show the texts to their friends and laugh...

I was drunk the other night and drunk texted my ex telling him that I wanted to be a therapy dog.

Oh dear...

I fake drunk-texted my ex asking for nudes and got them.
Drunk texted my ex to tell him I missed sexting with him. Didn't know I did it till I looked at my phone the next day. I'm mortified.

Let it go, sometimes you just won't get the closure you're looking for.

Drunk texted my ex today.. Today would've been our 35 month anniversary.. She just broke up with me a few weeks ago and we were together for 3 years.. I miss her so much. </3 She won't tell me why....

Too real.

I drunk texted my ex last night and said I was afraid to be with someone because of him

Don't let yourself be the booty call!

Drunk texted my ex last night. Tryna get a booty call. Oops

Occasionally, a drunk text can make you realize some important things.

Drunk texted my ex and it made me realize how shitty our relationship was.

*face palm*

Just drunk texted my ex. I really hope I don't remember this in the morning.

The cringe factor is out of control.

I drunk texted my ex the other day. I sent him way too many messages to even remember all the crazy things I said. I wish someone would read them and tell me how ridiculous I was. I don't want to read

What are they supposed to say when you text them something like that? Best to keep it to yourself, folks.

I drunk texted my ex that I loved him and missed him. He never replied. I know I was drunk but it hurts that he ignores it.
Just drunk texted my ex. Fuck it, whats done is done. Maybe i'll get some answers.
Drunk texted my ex 11 times. He didn't reply
I drunk texted my ex. If they don't answer tomorrow Im going to feel real stupid.


So I met up to hook up with this guy... Got super drunk, started crying and drunk-texted my ex😑😫😭fml

But then what happens if they do respond?

I just drunk texted my ex. I hope he doesn't respond so I can finally understand that we're really over. :'(


I drunk texted my ex, who I consider to be the one that got away. She replied with "I'm sorry, who is this?:)"

Bad idea! Abort abort!

I drunk texted my ex last night. I have a boyfriend. This is not gonna be good! 
I drunk texted my ex saying "I miss you". He replied me with "LOL" 😭💔


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