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How These Relationships Changed After Having A Baby
Having a baby with your partner is serious business. Raising a child with the one you love is romantic yet very stressful. Sometimes the joy of having a child can be overshadowed by the way it changes your relationship for the worst with your partner. These couples can totally relate to this unfortunate truth. Here are the reasons why some relationships did a 180 after a baby was brought into the mix.

Not a good look.

After having a baby, I quickly learned how "not ready" my boyfriend is for fatherhood. 

I grew up, but he hasn't. I am now so turned off by him.

The worst.

My body changed so much after having a baby

Me and my partner haven't had sex in 5 Months. It kills me everytime he looks away from me.

Sometimes you need to really try to keep the spark alive.

My husband is incredible but after we had a baby I fear we're more friends than spouses

Uh oh.

Since having a baby I cannot stand my husband...Everything he does annoys me

When you can't get out of your head.

I fake it in bed for my husband so he doesn't feel bad. It feels good, but since having a baby my mind is everywhere and I just can't relax enough unless I've had a drink.

Babies can change you a lot.

My wife has lost her sex drive since having a baby. She use to want it daily, now I'm lucky to get it twice a month.