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17 Surprising Confessions From Husbands And Wives Who Know Their Spouse Is Cheating On Them
Finding out your spouse is cheating on you is not easy to accept, no matter how long or brief you've been married. It hurts bad enough knowing they're being unfaithful but what can hurt more is how nonchalant they can be around you on a daily basis while unaware of the truth you possess. Some people immediately confront their partner, demanding an immediate explanation for their infidelity while others sit patiently waiting for the right opportunity to walk away. There is no easier option because preparing for an unknown future is utter turmoil. Do you know what you do in this situation?

Prepare for your future.

My husband is cheating on me. With his cousins ex wife. There's probably more but I don't care. I'm making plans and saving cash. I'm out of there.

Talk about an eventful weekend.

My wife is cheating. She doesn't know that I know. I will leave her this weekend and file for divorce. She will have an unforgettable Sunday...

Someone is in for a big surprise.

Found out my husband is cheating, and he has a clandestine meeting with a woman to hook up tomorrow.
What he doesn't know is that he's meeting up with me, divorce papers in hand.

She didn't fail. He did.

I am always sad. My husband is cheating on me but if I leave my family will know I failed.

Fool me twice...

Found out my wife is cheating again... I have to leave now and that hurts more than the cheating . I never wanted this for my kids😢

There is nothing easy about living with infidelity.

My husband is cheating. I throw up every time his phone rings. Because it makes me sick to my stomach.