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True Life: I Still Get Shamed For My Interracial Marriage And It’s Hurting My Relationship
One would think in today's day and age that interracial marriage wouldn't be a problem. But the truth is, there are interracial couples out there who still face condemnation and criticism for choosing to love someone from another race. These interracial married couples are opening up about the surprising challenges they face even today. Read about their shocking experiences in these new raw confessions.

At least you have each other.

Its so hard sometimes being in an interracial marriage, but even the dirty words and looks wouldn't make me change it.

Fairview, North Carolina, US

Interracial marriages come with their own set of challenges.

I am going to be one of the first people in my family to have a interracial marriage. I will probably lose a few family members because of it. But it's their loss. I'm blessed to have him.

Fenton, Michigan, US

Not everyone in the family is supportive.

My culture emphasizes the union of families during marriage, but they won’t accept interracial marriage. Im with someone with the same values as my culture, just different race... It's frustrating.

New York, New York, US

Sometimes your partner is the one who doesn't understand.

There are times I regret my interracial marriage. Particularly when my husband seems to have zero concern about racism.


The comments from others are shocking.

I'm in an interracial marriage. We don't always get grief from people but when we do I never know how to react in a way that won't escalate it.

Seattle, Washington, US

Really, people?

I hate when people stare. Like they've never seen an interracial couple. I'm black and my husband is white

Nashville, North Carolina, US