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19 Horrible Rumors Employees Heard About Themselves At Work
When you work in an office setting, you expect a level of professionalism from your coworkers and bosses. But sometimes cattiness in the workplace can rival that of a high school student, as these 19 employees found out. They're dishing on the awful rumors their coworkers and bosses spread about them. Find out what kind of shocking lies were told in these jaw-dropping confessions.

Rumors in the workplace can spread like fire.

There have been rumors going around for months about my coworker and I hooking up. 

They weren't true until this week.

No matter how ridiculous they may be.

My department is notorious for speaking ridiculous rumors.
Today I was confronted by a coworker because someone said I didn't like fat people in purple shirts.

They can be hurtful.

Some of my co-workers are starting rumors that I'm sleeping with my boss. I work hard, I'm crushed. 😔
I hate coming to work because there's a rumor going around that I sleep with everyone and it's making me depressed because it's not true

That's going too far.

A coworker who I considered a close friend started a rumor about me doing drugs at work. It almost cost me my job. I even had to do a drug test.
Someone has started a sick rumor at work that I'm pregnant. I have PCOS and can't have kids. So now I have to deal with everyone congratulating me and hopefully not have a breakdown.