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21 Surprising Reasons Why These Employees Were Dress Coded At Work
How do you feel about dress codes in the workplace? While they are put in place to give employees a clear guideline for what's expected of them, is there a point where it goes too far? These 21 employees reveal that they were dress coded at work for reasons that may surprise you. Find out what happened in the following confessions. Do you think these are warranted or ridiculous?

Dress codes can be so frustrating.

My coworker wears super short skirts to work but I get in trouble for wearing a pencil skirt because it attracts too much attention... REALLY!!!!
Sooo, I got dress coded... AT WORK.
My boss literally made me use a ruler.
I got in trouble for wearing my hair a certain way to work yesterday (even after clearing it with my boss). Calling the incident "Bungate". 😂

Is it envy?

My boss wrote me up for wearing yoga pants. I think she's just mad she doesn't have a butt.


I got in trouble at work for wearing a football jersey. I didn't see the problem with it.


one time i got dress coded for wearing shorts in 95 degree weather and as i was leaving the office a guy wearing a "good girls swallow" shirt passed by me without getting in trouble