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"As A Teacher, I Refuse To Teach Creationism. I Teach Science, Not Fantasy"
Should creationism be taught alongside evolution?

At church, I teach creation. 
At school, I teach evolution. 
My secret? 
I don't really believe in either.
As a teacher, I refuse to teach creationism. I teach science, not fantasy literature.
My biology teacher said she doesn't believe in evolution,that there are no evidence to support it. Now I almost always double check everything she says, she's lost all credibility as a teacher for me.
Girl: How are polar bears white?
Me: Evolution through natural selection.
Teacher: No, God.

This isn't even a religious school. It's against the rules to preach!
If you think creationism should be taught as an alternative to evolution, you're an idiot.  I have no problem with it being taught in a theology class, but keep it out of the science classroom
My teacher is going to fail me because I refuse to learn about evolution .
Truth is I could care less.
My faith is strong and so is my lawyer.
Started with Evolition in class today. And the first thing my teacher said was:"Remember kids,Evolution is just a theory and if you believe in it, then that means you don't believe in God" ...really?
I could walk into a teaching job at a religious school and be set for life. But I don't think I believe in God. And I don't know if I could live with myself telling kids that evolution  is untrue...
I'd love to see public schools teach both evolution and creationism to let the student know there's more than one opinion on how life was created.
I don't have an issue with religion, but if you tell me to teach creationism over evolution in my class, that's when I fight you.
I wish they taught evolution in school. We skipped it cause it was, "controversial."
6th grade history is not where you should be pushing young earth creationism against your flawed understanding of evolution. If that's what you want to teach, please become a Sunday School teacher.
I was teaching on evolution and more than half the class would not liten.As punishment I had them write a report on evolution.One girl wrote a report on creationism instead saying"Jesus did it"
It's religion, not science.  There's nothing even remotely scientific about creationism.  It's fine to teach it: but keep it in an elective course on Western Theology, never in a science classroom.
70% of the U.S. Is Christian.
We have schools teaching that evolution is fake and Christian creationism is true.
They teach that the U.S. Was founded as a Christian nation.
Evolution is niether relevant or factual and should not be taught in public schools. Leave your ridiculous monkey into caveman fairy tales somewhere else.
If churches want
 'equal time'
for creationism to be taught in school 

maybe they should teach evolution in their sunday schools for 
'equal time'
There's a reason why evolution is taught in secular schools instead of creationism. The reason is because evolution is proven. Back when creationism was the prevailing belief, secular schools weren't even a thing.
Public schools, unfortunately, don't teach evolution much better than private schools... If the public school allows evolution to be taught at all.
As for schools teaching creationism, there are Christian schools for people wanting to learn creationism. Public school are not allowed to teach it, so this argument makes no sense.


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