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Parents Get Honest About The Biggest Sacrifice They've Made For Their Children
Raising a child is one of the hardest and most selfless jobs ever. The second your child is born, it is no longer about you. Say goodbye to selfish tendencies because your kids happiness and well being will take priority to yours. Parenthood means that sacrifices and lifestyle changes will be made. These parents can agree with that all too much. These confessions will make you so much more grateful for your own parents!

A parents love is so powerful.

I have only eaten one meal a day for the past week so my kids can have every meal...
Dad sacrifices

One day they will.

17 days in a row of work with no days off. I hope my kids understand the sacrifices that I make for them to have a better life.

That's love.

I give up so much for my kids. While they walk around in nice new clothes, I have one pair of jeans that fit & they are so full of holes you can see my underwear. Wish they would appreciate my sacrifices a bit more.

It happens to most moms, unfortunately.

I've definitely sacrificed my body for my children. I'm so blessed to be experiencing my first pregnancy, but I wasn't prepared for how drastically my body would change. It's insane.


I gave up a full ride to college and job in a genetics lab.
I lived my dream job for one summer...until I found out I was pregnant.


I gave up attending school and a career to stay at home with my babies. I let my husband achieve his goals first.