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Spouses Confess: What It's Really Like To Be Married To A Lawyer
Lawyers have the reputation for being cutthroat, fierce people who work hard and long hours. Does this sound like the ideal match to you? Some people certainly think so, as they are married to lawyers. These confessions show what life is really like when your spouse is fighting cases and seeking justice for a living. Spoiler alert: this is no typical marriage.

Things aren't always how they seem.

My husband is a lawyer and everyone thinks we have money.  In reality, we're scraping by at best.

When you've found your match.

I don't have patience for laziness and lack of drive.  That's why my wife is a lawyer.

Ooh la la.

My husband is a lawyer so he's pretty busy. Normally we just have quickies, but tonight we made love for over 2 hours and it was absolutely amazing. It felt nice to feel that intimacy again.

Get it, girl.

My husband is a lawyer and I make more money than him. I secretly love being the breadwinner.

When the loneliness takes over.

My husband is a lawyer and  he's never home. He missed dinner again. Makes me want to mess around on him...

When you know you're in the dog house.

My wife is a lawyer and when we argue she says "if you don't agree we can discuss about it."

That's when I know I've lost.