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17 Hilarious Customer Complaints To Fill Your Work Day
Working customer service can be quite the roller coaster. One day, everything is running smoothly and going off without a hitch. Other days you run into a customer who puts a wrench in your smooth day. And just when you think you've seen it all, a customer does something like this. Read on to hear the worst customer complaints employees have heard.

Be prepared to be shocked when you read about these customer complaints.

Someone complained that I wouldn't let her take money out of our tip jar to pay for her coffee

Who's really to blame?

2 guys ordered drinks for some girls in the pub. When I served them, their boyfriends showed up. 
They got mad. At me.
That we should be sued for making our watermelons too heavy for elderly women to carry. (after she refused help and dropped one on the floor)
I work in a bank.  I had a person scream at me because I wouldn't just give him $40 when his account was empty.  Sorry you don't have money for gas, maybe you shouldn't have bought beer.

How is that possible?

I've personally been accused of changing the internet......the entire internet. 

They demanded I change it back the way it used to be.
'I bought these socks here a week ago and they itch me. Can I return them?' 

The old lady was wearing the socks as she told me this.