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These Are The Real Reasons Men These Days Don't Want Kids
Why is it that some men want kids others don't? While everyone has their reasons, these 15 men are opening up about why they really don't want children. Not every man has that paternal instinct and desire to start a family, as these 15 men show. They're not holding back in these brutally honest confessions about why they don't want kids in their life.

Men don't want to repeat past mistakes.

The biggest reason I don't want to be a father is because I don't want to be a failure as a dad to the child the same way my dad was to me

There's a lot of patience involved that some men don't have.

I tell everyone I don't want to be a dad because I can't afford it. Truth is, I've been a surrogate father before, and I had really bad anger issues. I'm afraid that I'd be an abusive father.

Some men have different life plans.

I feel like all the girls my age who are into me, already have kids. I feel bad but I can't date someone with a child because I don't want to be a father figure. It's just not for me.

He's experienced pain.

I never want kids because I'm  adopted and I know how hard it is to feel unwanted. I wouldn't make a good father.


I don't want to be a father because I think I'll end up hating it and abandoning my kids.

This apple wants to fall far away from the tree.

My partner doesn't understand I never want kids because I never want to end up turning out like my father.