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These 15 Animal Activists Share Their Passion For Our Furry Friends
What is it like being an animal activist in today's day and age? While the group as a whole tends to get a bad rap for views that others may deem extreme, these people are here to set the record straight. These 15 confessions shine a light on the selfless work animal activists do to help our furry friends. Find out what they had to say in these surprising confessions.

Compassion for animals is the driving force behind their activism.

It kills me how many sweet animals are killed in shelters :/ I'm an animal activist that can't step in to help yet. They know purer love than humans will ever know and their lives are in our hands

Animals don't understand why they're subjected to testing.

I'm an animal activist and hate how people test on animals when they are just innocent creatures. How can someone look into their eyes and take their life away?

But some people (or organizations) take it too far.

I'm an animal activist and I hate extremists like PETA because they give people the wrong message.

Animals need help.

Being an animal activist and involved in shelters and rescue and petitions, there is no end to the abuse and neglect. We need everyone. You wouldn't believe how bad many cases are

No surprise there.

I 💗 ALL animals. I'm an animal activist and I love cows, pitbulls, rats, spiders, ALL of them. 😍

Just because you're an animal activist, doesn't mean you can't eat meat.

I don't agree with veganism. The animals do not get tortured alive. I'm an animal activist.