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Women Tell All: This Is What My First Lesbian Experience Was Like
"I had my first lesbian experience with my best guy friend's mother."

My first lesbian experience was with my personal trainer that my religious parents forced me into.

I guess the jokes on them.
My heart was pounding out of my chest and all I could think about was how soft her lips were
During my first lesbian experience, I kept thinking about how much nicer girls smell than guys.

What went through your head during your first gay experience?
I had my first lesbian experience at the firework show tonight, this beautiful girl kissed me. Now I'm laying in her bed throbbing. She ate it better than my boyfriend or any guy ever has
I admired how soft her skin was, and how gentle she was on me. Tenderness and passion wasn't a combination I was used to.
That moment when you pick up your child from school and recognize one of the teachers as your first lesbian experience