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17 Guys Reveal The Meanest Things Girls Did To Them In School
Psychologists have spent years trying to break down what makes someone an inherent bully. As if raging hormones and the pressures of high school weren't enough, boys discuss the moments in their past where a particular girl made their life a living hell.

Why are people so mean?

I have a disability and I walk with a limp and a cane. After school, a girl came up behind me, took my cane, and ran off laughing. I had to hobble to the principal's office.

As far as heartbreaks go...

A girl once agreed to go to a homecoming high school dance with me only to show up with another date and leave me alone.

Clever, but cruel.

One time a girl told everyone I was the soda that you take a couple sips of and realize you don't want. I was embarrassed to come to school for a while.

This is nothing to joke about.

A girl once spread a rumor around school that I assaulted her. The authorities got involved and I missed a lot of school. She later admitted to making the whole thing up.

This sounds a bit dramatic.

One time a girl poured her drink over my head because I said her curly hair made her look like Hermione. It was a compliment WTF

Every guy's worst nightmare.

one time a girl kicked me in the balls, she missed, but just the slight contact alone caused me to black out for a few seconds