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Brides Tell All: I Didn't Wear White On My Wedding Day
When it's YOUR big day, what do you want to wear? Traditionally, in America, most brides opt for a white gown. It represents the purity of their soul. However, it's interesting to see a bride walk down the aisle in something unique that fits her personality. Here are 30 brides who did it their way.

Inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places

My dress was lilac. When I first starting dating my husband I had a dream that I got married in a lilac dress and that I lived a happy life.

It's awesome when your husband understands and loves your choice

My wedding dress was black. It was perfect and my husband loved it. I'm so glad I married him❤️

These brides decided to honor the traditions of their heritage

When I got married I wore a pink sari as a compromise.

Because the traditional Asian wedding dress is red and the western dress is white.
My father is Hindu and my Mother is Christian. I wore an ornate red and gold wedding dress to honor both religions.

Some brides don't even pick a dress!

I wore a black velvet trouser suit to marry my husband..
Glad we didn't do the big wedding thing, would have been a complete waste of money!

Then there's the red dresses!

I wore this dress