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The First Steps In Recovering From A Mental Illness
Be brave and decide that you're worth it.

The hardest part about getting better is accepting help. I decided to seek therapy for my anxiety and depression. Here's to a better me.
Today I've decided I'm not going to let depression get the best of me anymore. I'm going to start working out and taking care of myself. We can all get through this.
I finally called an eating disorder treatment center today. I'm finally taking the first step towards recovery. I deserve to be happy.
Finally got my depression diagnosed....
I feel like it's the first step on a long road to recovery
I finally saw a doctor for my anxiety, depression, and bpd. I'm taking medication as of two days ago. It's so empowering not to be stuck in negative thinking all day.
Finally getting treated for the depression you've your whole life is kind of scary. It's hard finding the "real you" when you can't remember the last time you weren't owned by mental illness.