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14 Ordinary People's Wacky Encounters With Celebrities
You're walking down the street just like any other day, when you spot a celebrity. And not just any celebrity, but a celebrity you're really excited about seeing. Do you say hi? Ask for an autograph? Leave them alone? These 14 people went for it when they saw a celebrity, and the resulting interaction is surprising.

Meeting a celebrity can be too much to handle.

when I met Harry styles, my chewing gum fell out onto his hand.


I once met johnny depp and instead of yelling i love you and shit I stared at him making a face of boringness, he saw walked up to me laughed and said i was his favorite fan 😐


I had tickets to see Alan Rickman at BAM & had to have emergency surgery instead. My husband called to tell a producer we know & she told Alan I was devastated - he signed a marquee poster for me. ♡


I met Shawn Mendes once and he called me beautiful. This girl got so jealous that she pulled my hair and threatened to kill me. Shawn just watched😂
I met will Farrell
He gave me the don't talk to me kid face
I was with my class at Heathrow Airport. When Ed Westwick walked by and was like: "hey what's up" and nobody except for me recognised him. I guess this was embarrassing for him...😂