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17 People Reveal How Growing Up In Poverty Affects Them As Adults
Memories of our childhood have a lasting effect on us. For better or for worse, our upbringing shapes us into who we are today. Being raised in poverty is something that too many people can relate to. The memories of hunger, fear and despair can linger with people long after they've grown into adulthood. These confessions show how it really feels to be raised in poverty.


I constantly have to remind myself to eat and drink. To know that being raised in poverty still effects my senses today... it's strange.


Drove through my home town tonight. Stopped by the trailer I grew up in. Strange to think my car cost more than my childhood home. Poverty isnt a life sentence.

It's not always easy.

I just landed a professional job. Time to act like I wasn't raised in poverty by an alcoholic. I'm trying so hard to act well adjusted.

Not everyone makes it out alive.

I grew up below the poverty line. The only reason I don’t have money problems anymore is because I was too busy with work to stick a needle in my arm like my childhood friends did.

Childhood thinking can stay with us for a while.

Being raised in poverty really affected my childhood. I'm 19 now and struggling still. It's hard to change your future when your beginning was so hard.

What inspiration.

We have a whole world of opportunities. Some people just make excuses. I was raised in poverty and I was homeless several times as a child. You make change in life, not play victim.