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21 People Who Refuse To Date Someone Attractive
Have you ever felt like you were the more attractive person in a relationship? How did it make you feel? Powerful? Loved? Sexy? These people are addicted to being better looking than their partners. So much so, that they will never date someone as hot as them.

They're afraid attractive people will be unfaithful.

I don't date hot men because I'm scared they'll just eventually cheat on me.....so I save myself the time and heartache

They want someone with brains, not brawn.

I don't date hot men because I'm not into hot men. I'm into intelligent men.

Because it's scary.

I don't date attractive guys because I'm too scared, I just date an average guy and learn to love him

Don't listen to what other people think.

I don't date hot guys. I date average guys and I wish my family would understand that looks aren't everything!

It will drive you to the brink of insanity.

I don't date attractive people because they will literally drive you crazy with how beautiful they are. Anyone I date has to have just a little dash of ugly in them

Because they hate competition.

I'm a pretty girl but I only date average looking men. I won't date hot guys because I don't want to deal with thirsty girls trying to sleeping with him behind my back.

They're all the same.

I don't date hot guys because I can't even talk to them without immediately assuming they're all jerks.

Because they want a REAL man.

I don't date pretty boys.
Yeah, they're nice to look at but in the end men are the ones that step up.

They want an equal playing field.

i'm an attractive girl and i only date ugly boys because attractive guys feel like they're better than me. my unattractive boyfriend and i are equal.

Because you're actually a really terrible person.

I only date ugly boys so I can mistreat them and they still worship the ground I walk upon. They're fragile and I love it.

That's one way to look at it.

I only date "unattractive" girls because I think they try harder in a relationship.  They take nothing for granted and I appreciate that.

Doing good for humanity?

I'm what most people consider a "hot girl" and I date ugly guys to let them have someone to show off.

There can only be one.

I only date ugly boys, 'cause I want to be the prettiest one in every relationship

Time to find new friends.

I always end up dating unattractive guys because my friend gets angry at me if anyone who she finds attractive talks to me.

Because they think it will protect them.

I only date ugly girls cause I don't want to fall in love

You do you.

I'm always judged because I date "unattractive people". I'm sorry I'm not shallow and actually care about personality.

In low demand.

I date unattractive people so no one else will want them

These people refuse to date hot people.

I don't date "attractive" people because they attract people


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