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Guys Tell All: Here's The Real Reason I Got A Vasectomy
Having a child will change your life over night. Thanks to modern medicine, men can take necessary precautions that will prevent these life-changing surprises from occurring. A vasectomy is quick sterilization procedure for men who are positive about not wanting children in the future as the surgery permanent. While some men receive vasectomies because they are content with the number of children they already have, the reasons other men have for wanting the procedure done is jarring. But hey, to each their own.

Plan for the future you want.

I'm 23 and getting a vasectomy. 

Maybe I can finally  have some intimacy in my life without the nagging thought of being stuck with a kid I don't want.

Don't let anyone stop you from living the life you want to live.

I'm Muslim and vasectomy is against my religion. I still want to get a vasectomy, I want to be Childfree for life

It's painful to be realistic.

I want to get a vasectomy. I have two kids and I don't want more. I know we can't afford it.

Be cautious around those who may try to take advantage of you.

I got a vasectomy, but don't tell any woman I date. Because if they get pregnant, I'll know they're trying to trap me in with another man's baby.

Someone's wife is in for a big surprise.

I had a vasectomy so my wife wouldn't get pregnant. I love her but don't want to start a family with her. Kids aren't for me.

There are so many kids who are searching for their forever home.

I got a vasectomy because I don't want to pass down any diseases I have that are genetic. I'd rather adopt.