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Too Trusting? 13 Couples Share The Shocking Things Their Partners Get Away With
Everyone has their different levels of comfort in relationships. While some couples have certain boundaries and rules within their relationship that provide a sense of safety for both members, other couples are very loose with boundaries. These confessions are from couples who are extremely trusting and allow their partners to do whatever they want. It's clear to see that not every relationship is created equally.

To each their own.

My boyfriend went on a two week trip abroad with his ex girlfriend. Everyone thinks I'm insane for being cool with this. I'm just not a jealous person, what can I say?

Do you.

I don't get jealous when my girlfriend talks to other guys. In fact, it turns me on.

Everyone plays by their own rules.

Is it bad that I don't care if my boyfriend cheats? I love him, but as long as he's mine I don't care if he does what he wants.

Everyone has a different level of comfort.

My boyfriend hangs out with his ex-wife all the time. I don't want to deny him of their friendship, even though they used to be romantic.

Hmm...wonder why...

I let my boyfriend hook up with other girls. Strangely I feel like it makes him more attracted to me

Umm...anything is possible, buddy.

I allow my girlfriend to have sex with girls because girls don't steal other girls from guys