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21 Awkward Times Someone Ran Into Someone Else They Knew On Tinder
If you're in a well-populated area and are a member of the world's most popular dating app, Tinder, chances are that you've run into at least one person you know in real life. Sometimes, the possible match is exciting and you spend what seems like a lifetime deciding if you should swipe right and other times, you can't swipe left fast enough. Even worse, what happens when you run into the profile of a person you know is in a committed relationship? The choice is all yours.

Stick a fork in him because he is done.

I just ran into my wife on Tinder. I'm done with the internet for a while.

Game point!

Ran into my ex on Tinder. We matched. He wanted to hook up. I told him he blew his chance. I've never felt so empowered.

OMG! Get it, girl!

Just saw my kid's vice principal on Tinder.  Hell yeah,  I swiped right!

Uh oh.

I found my boyfriends tinder profile today... I feel sick

Good plan.

Saw my boss on Tinder last night. Couldn't decide whether to swipe left or right so I just uninstalled 😂

Close call.

Ran into my 3rd cousin on Tinder and accidentally swiped right. We matched. I unmatched him immediately.

Abort mission!

I ran into a coworker on Tinder😨

Things could get interesting.

Saw my son's sitter on tinder was tempted to swipe right

Hello new employee of the month.

I just saw my supervisor on Tinder. He knows.

Could've been a messy situation.

I just saw one of my TAs on tinder. Didn't know which way to swipe so I just closed the app.

Take a risk. Take a chance. Make a change.

I just saw my hot college professor on tinder...i'm leaving the college in 2 days, this is the happiest moment of my life.


This morning I went on tinder and found my moms account

Someone has some explaining to do.

Just saw my marriage therapist on tinder.

He talks about how happy he and his wife are in our sessions.
And just swiped right. 

Awkward don't cover it.


Just saw my ex wife pop up on Tinder. Swiping left never felt so good.

Never. Again.

I used tinder for about 20 minutes until I saw someone I hadn't seen since high school, then deleted it.
Never again.

What. A. Small. World.

When the homophobic bullies from my high school pop up on my tinder I be like I saw that coming..

Meant to be?

I just found out my old friend who I don't see anymore is gay when I saw him on tinder. No one knows I'm bi but I liked him so hopefully he does now and we can... Who knows 😏

This can't end well.

One of my students told me she saw me on Tinder, it was funny and embarrassing at the same time. Truth is, I had wondered if she passed or hearted.

Get that discount!

I just found my yoga teacher on tinder... We are both bi females class should be interesting from now on...

0.1 miles away never looked so good.

I hooked up with my neighbour. We found each other on tinder.


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