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19 Regrets From People Who Got A Tattoo Of An Ex's Name
Everyone tells you that you should never permanently mark your body with a tattoo of someone you're in a relationship with. When you're in love with someone though, it feels like it's going to last forever. So what do you do when you've ignored your better judgment and you're stuck with a tattoo of an ex's name? Read on as these 19 people are sharing how they feel about their unfortunate tattoos.

People make mistakes.

I got a drunk tattoo and now my ex's name is written on my butt.

There are simpler fixes.

Got a tattoo of my ex's name. Immediately had another tattoo artist write "void" to cover it after we broke up.

The struggle.

I don't like being shirtless. I have scars on my body from cutting, and a tattoo of my ex's name. But it's weird for guys like me to wear a shirt while swimming.

So much for that.

I have a tattoo with my ex's name. Fortunately 2 of 3 bf after him had the same name. Unfortunately the third one is my now fiancé.

That's gotta hurt.

Had the most Rock n Roll moment of my entire life today when I burned off a tattoo of my ex's name with the end of a hot knife whilst drinking Bourbon. Hurt like hell though.

Sometimes they leave you with major regret.

I booked an appointment to have my ex's name removed from my body. I don't know what I was thinking when I did it.