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Oprah For President? Americans Open Up About Why They Hate The Idea
Oprah's loved speech at the 2018 Golden Globes sparked an internet craze regarding the icon running for a 2020 presidency. People rushed to share their opinions on the matter. Whether you're in love with the idea or hate it, it looks like everyone has a lot to say about this idea. The haters have valid reasoning for their distaste in the concept. These confessions will help you understand why many people just aren't for it.

Can't argue that.

I love Oprah, but she shouldn’t be President. 
I hate Trump, and hate that he’s president. 

Someone with actual political and government experience should be President.


There are no good reasons Oprah should be president. She's just a national distraction from the disaster in the white house.

You have a point...

If Oprah became president that would mean 8 years of unqualified celebrities running the nation. The nation would never recover from 4 years of Trump and 4 years of Oprah.

Everyone's entitled to their opinions.

Oprah Winfrey said in 2013 that she thinks “generations” of older people “just have to die” to solve the problem of racism. - and this is who you want for your president? I'm not down.


Trump being a bad President doesn't mean Oprah would be good.

Truth be told.

Oprah gave a speech at the awards and now everyone is calling for her to be president. That's not how it works, folks! Wake up!