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These Moms Turned Up Their Awesomeness And Went To Pride Parade With Their Kids
"My mom is marching in Pride with me. She's the best mom a lesbian could ask for.

Sometimes I feel so lucky to have such an amazing mom. My mom is bi and knows I'm bi too! And she promised to bring me to the pride thing next month! :) :D
When I was little my dad and mom would take me and my bro to the pride parade because they wanted us to feel comfortable if we were gay, Bi, etc.
I came out to my mom as lesbian today. She reacted a lot differently than I thought she would.

She's taking me to pride in Eugene this weekend to celebrate <3
My mom used to take me to gay pride parades with her guy friend, but my dad yelled at her saying "she'll be gay!" ... Well I am, thanks... Homophobic Dad...       
 (He still doesn't know)
I was so scared to come out to my mom and today she asked me if she could go to pride with me
I asked my mom to take me to pride this year and she said yes^_^
Im so excited for it to come!!