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Kids Tell All: This Is What It's Like Growing Up Without A Dad
When you're a kid, growing up without a father figure is tough, especially when you see other families with two-parent households. However how does it affect children when they get older? These 13 people reveal how their childhood without a father affected them as adults. Here's what they had to say about their experiences.

How awful.

I never knew my father. He cheated on my mom, beat her, then was sent off to prison. Growing up without a dad has made me a angry person.

You have an unhealthy relationship with men.

I'm so dependent on men. But you'd think that growing up without a dad would make me more independent.

Older men appeal to you.

Growing up without a dad made me more attracted to older men. Like 50+. It's really messed up

Rightfully so.

I'm going to be sooooo cautious of who I marry after growing up without a dad. I would never do that to my kids

Mental health suffers.

My father died when I was nearly 2. Growing up without a dad has been rough I think it has something to do with my anxiety and depression.


Growing up without a dad makes me feel lonely as an adult