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Life After High School: 19 Former Popular Kids Tell All
What does life after high school look like for the popular kids? During those four years, the popular people seem to have it made. Everyone knows them, everyone loves them and they appear to be set for life. But outside of school, that's not the case whatsoever. From changing bodies to losing friends, these 19 people were popular in high school, but realized that life after it is very different. Read on for the surprising confessions.

Life after high school is very different.

I was the popular girl at my school, everyone stopped being my friend, now I have no one.
I was the popular kid in high school and my squad was the popular group everyone envied. Never thought life would change so much and I'd be living at home without any goals.

Popularity doesn't mean anything in the real world.

I was the popular musician in HS. Now I'm broke af and have few friends.
In high school I was the popular girl everyone liked. now since I graduated I feel like a no one

It's a huge reality check.

It's funny how I was the popular kid and now I'm almost nothing. Problem is I was never even the mean type.
I was the bully in kindergarten. 
I was picked on in elementary school. 
I was the popular kid in high school.
Now I'm just a basic girl that no one cares about.