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College Drop Outs Get Real About Their Decision To Leave Higher Education
There are plenty of options in regards to what you can do with your life after high school. College is one of the more popular options and is usually encouraged by most parents and teachers. Higher education isn't always the best fit for everyone. These people gave college the boot for many different reasons. These confessions will open your eyes and show you why some people have to leave college. It's not always what you expect.

Sometimes it works out when you least expect it.

I was being paid 5k/ year to attend university and had guaranteed acceptance into the best college of osteopathic medicine in the world. I dropped out to focus on my business. Now I make $400/hour. No regrets.

Sometimes you have to travel down your own path in life.

The rest of my family is academic. My father has a PHD in chemistry and studied at Cambridge.
I'm creative, I love art and dancing. I dropped out of university, but I'll never give up on my dreams.

A big secret to have.

My parents think I'm still attending university, but I actually dropped out freshman year. University isn't for everyone and they don't understand that

There's no wrong way to live.

I dropped out of college. I now own a business and my house. Dropping out of college is not a death sentence.

Think before you judge.

I got only top grades before I dropped out due to depression. There are many reasons why some can't finish college.

Sounds like a winning combo.

I’m 22 and I dropped out of college 3 years ago. 
Yesterday I started my dream career! 
Hard work, determination, and no debt!