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23 People Who Did Not Go To College And Are Now Killing It
"I work in the oil field making 80k a year"

Tbh I realize now the people who didn't go to college were smarter than us idiots that did. No grades stress, loan debt, no degree for a job you aren't guaranteed. Good job guys.
I didn't go to college and was told I'm going to be flipping burgers because of my choice. Now my graduated friends are working at Starbucks and I'm debt-free, making bank, planning  my next vacay:)
I didn't go to college like everyone said . but now I'm making 18 dollars an hour . college isn't for everyone
I turn 27 in 2 weeks.  Never went to college. I own a house, 2 vehicles, and i am currently making $128/hr. Life is great.
High school drop out. I work for coca cola making $19/hr, 6 days a week.  8 hour days sometimes  12.... 5 years in so far.
My brother dropped out of college to start his own company