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Babysitters Confess The WORST Mistakes They've Made While On The Job
It takes a village to raise a kid. But for those who don't have an entire community at their disposal, a babysitter will do the job just fine. However, like all jobs, an employee is bound to make a mistake or two and when your client is a growing toddler, one mistake can mean the end of a career. Most babysitters would come clean to the parents if an accident happened on the job, but meet a few sitters who decided to keep those accidents to themselves.


When I was babysitting today I decided to order pizza for dinner. Mom left money for it. Okay. Sent it to the wrong house. I feel like an idiot. It took over an hour to figure it out.

Everyone can be bought.

One time while I was babysitting I accidentally swore in front of the kids. They wouldn't stop talking about it so I gave them each a dollar so they would stay quiet.

Kids notice everything.

One time I was babysitting for a bit of extra cash, I ate most of the families donuts which were left on the counter. The only reason they found out is because the kid ended up drawing a picture of it

It was fun while it lasted.

I was babysitting and the parents came home and I was asleep on their couch. Don't think I will be babysitting there again.

Oh. My. God.

A few years ago while I was babysitting I accidently clogged their toilet and blamed it on the little girl.

They're basically the same thing.

I was babysitting a toddler and then I clicked my tongue to call it like my cat

I dont even distinguish kids between animals anymore...fml