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True Life: I've Hid My Eating Disorder From My GF For 2 Years
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My girlfriend broke up with me saying she didn't want to date a guy skinnier than her. I have an eating disorder wtf do you want from me.

Treading dangerous waters.

My girlfriend keeps making me take these workout pills and it’s making me fall back into my eating disorder. But it does help me lose weight

You can't help but feel judged.

I don’t want my girlfriend to find out I have an eating disorder. I feel like she'll look at me differently if she finds out.


My eating disorder is coming back and I want to be drastically underweight. I don't know why my girlfriend is so worried.

None of those options sound favorable.

I want to tell my girlfriend about my eating disorder, but she might either make me try to recover, break up with me or tell my dad.

Everyone needs support once in a while.

My girlfriend is helping me recover from my eating disorder. 

She's the most supportive persone ever I love her sm🌈❤️