The facts speak for themselves.

I really want marijuana legalized in the country. I work in a hospital and I'm a  nurse. Never have I seen a patient come in from a pot overdose.

No judgements.

I'm a CNA and I get judged by my friends for smoking pot. It's honestly not that bad and I wish I could tell some patients to just try it.

Keep things low key.

I'm a doctor and off the record, I have suggested mature patients try medicinal marijuana for their joint pain. Some came back to me and said it changed their life.

They're just as hardworking as ever.

I'm a nurse and I smoke weed every day. It doesn't affect my ability to give care

A good doctor goes the extra mile.

I met with a patient of mine outside the hospital to tell her she should try edibles to help with her anxiety and joint fatigue. I couldn't tell her that while I was working in the hospital.

Where's the problem?

I work 12hr shifts as a CNA I secretly smoke weed to calm my nerves. My husband disapproves of it but I don't see the problem.