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Employees Tell All: I Quit My Job On First Day
After several interviews and putting your best foot forward to land a new job, there's nothing quite like getting the call saying "you're hired!" As exciting as that is though, not every company lives up to the expectations that you may have painted in your head. These employees are the perfect example of that, as they reveal the surprising reasons why they quit their jobs on the first day. They're not holding anything back.

Can't believe that happened.

My first day working at Dollar Tree I had a man grab my butt and the cops were called. Needless to say I quit my job.


My first day of work the manager had a fist fight with her employee. I quit that day.

That's one way of looking at it.

Yesterday I was a door to door salesman and I quit on my first day... I just didn't feel right invading peoples homes.

That's awful.

I quit my job on the first day because management kept calling me an idiot in front of customers... I was never even trained to be a cashier.


On my first day at a job, they taught me how to use a stapler. I quit on the spot. If those are the kinds of people they expect to hire, I'm overqualified.

Nothing else to say about it.

I quit the first day of my new job. Walking in 105 degree weather uphill and passing out flyers was not my calling.