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Step Parent Confessions That Will Make Your Heart Melt
Being a step parent isn't always easy and it's often a very unappreciated job. Taking care of a child who already has biological parents can come with a great deal of drama, conflict and adjusting. However, these people are prime examples of how amazing step parents can really be. These confessions about step parents will warm your soul. If you have an awesome step parent, be sure to let them know how amazing you really think they are!

So sweet.

I still go see my step son even though his mother and I aren't together...he says I will always be his step mother

A strong bond is a beautiful thing.

My step son brings a teddy bear I bought him to his real dads house. He says it's like I'm kind of always with him.


I don't have a step daughter. I just happen to have a daughter born before I met her

It's the little things that count.

I've been her step-mom for nearly 10 years.. today my husbands daughter intentionally called me "mom" while helping me make dinner.

Don't be so quick to assume.

Everyone always expects the father to walk out. Well mothers do it too. Shout out to my new step mom, the best mom I've ever known

Girl time is crucial.

My teenage step daughter and I talk like we're best friends when it's just us. Her dad doesn't even know we gossip all the time.