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People With Schizophrenia Confess The Things The Voices In Their Head Say To Them
As many as about 1 percent of the population suffer from schizophrenia. In the United States, that's over 3 million people. Schizophrenia is characterized by thoughts or experiences that seem out of touch with reality- such as seeing things that aren't there or hearing voices. These voices often tell people to do certain things. These people who have the disorder opened up about what exactly these mysterious voices actually say to them...

Voices will commonly tell people to hurt themselves...

I make holes in/ cut my skin  because I have schizophrenia and the voices tell me 2
My schizophrenia is back. Had voices whispering in my head saying. "You should kill yourself." Took a minute to get it to stop.
I have schizophrenia, tonight the voices in my head got me to cut the words "fat" and "die" into one of my thighs. They got me to cut 20 times into the other. Looks like I'll be going on meds soon...

Some people hear voices that belong to people they actually know.

My form of schizophrenia is different. The voices I hear are from people who know me, who've seen my bad side. Real People. Mostly adults.
One of the worst parts of schizophrenia is hearing familiar voices but originating from somewhere else. Sometimes I hear the person I'm talking to simultaneously talking about something else.

Voices don't always make specific demands.

Is it schizophrenia if the voices don't always command things but rather ramble and insult

They can be rather chaotic.

Sometimes having schizophrenia is like having a several friends in your head comforting you, other times its like being prosecuted by the same voices. Tonight is the later sort.
I'm a highly functioning schizophrenic and it literally sounds like one of the voices in my head is being physically attacked.

In this case, the voices are actually kind of supportive.

PSA: Schizophrenia
 is a spectrum disorder, which affects everyone differently. In my case, I see animals, I'm brutally awkward, and I hear inner voices who  want me to go to college

Many times, the voices will urge people to hurt someone else...

Think I've terrified my housemates after having a schizophrenic episode and telling them one of the voices told me to rip her hair out and choke her with it. What should I do?
I have a lot of schizophrenic tendencies, I have voices in my head, and they tell me to hurt people, they aren't too bad though, i assume it's a normal thing?

This doesn't always mean a person with schizophrenia is dangerous though, many simply try to ignore the demands...

I am being tested for schizophrenia and today the voices want me to kill my ex. 
Scared isn't the word!
Before I started taking meds for schizophrenia I almost killed many people (including members of my family) because voices told me to...

It can seem as though reality starts to fall apart.

TFW you can hear voices talking about your schizophrenia and saying you're hallucinating, all while you're in public—so you think everyone knows.

And it's hard to tell whether a voice is real or in your head.

I have a long distance bf but I also am developing schizophrenia... One of the voices I hear is his and it's hard tell if he's saying things or not while on the phone bc I can't see his mouth moving

People develop interesting relationships to these voices.

I have mild bipolar disorder and schizophrenia... The voices tell me they hate me all the time. Except for one of them. Jeremy, I named him
I have schizophrenia and am single. My voices I always hear always pretend to be famous celebrities and pretend they're my wife.
I'm not amused.

Sometimes they'll say things to make people paranoid.

I have schizophrenia and the voices I always hear are ALWAYS saying the police and CIA are carefully watching me.
I can't prove them wrong, but I sure don't believe them.

Or, completely random things.

So, I have schizophrenia and usually the voices say things related to what's happening, or simply negative things. However, today,  a voice just said "you should have a baby". I've never wanted kids.
So I'm schizophrenic and when the episodes are bad the voices say I'm gay is that a reflection of who I really am or just me judging how feminine I am sometimes? Not saying all gays are feminine but just my prejudice towards how a gay person acts


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