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"My Premature Daughter Lived For 6 Minutes. She Changed My Life Forever..."
Every year in the United States alone, 1 out of 10 babies is born prematurely. For new parents, the emotional rollercoaster can be exhausting, and moms often blame themselves. A premature birth can often mean weeks in the hospital, crazy medical bills, and potential health problems later for the baby. But with advances in medicine, premature babies stand a better chance than ever at living healthy lives.

It's hard not to feel guilty when you're baby isn't born healthy.

My daughter died in my arms today and I still haven't  stopped crying. She was 10 weeks premature. I think it's pay back for my abortion..

Mothers often shoulder most of the blame themselves...

I blame myself everyday that my daughter was born premature
I feel like a failure of a mother, 11days and the nurses still want to monitor me looking after my son. I know it's him they are looking after really but it still reminds me that it was my fault he was premature and is struggling

...even though it's not their fault.

I feel guilty my son was born very prematurely and I'm having a hard time providing his milk so he can grow.
Because of my two autoimmune diseases, my son was born two months prematurely. Trying to cope with a preemie baby as a new mom, while sick with two serious diseases was the hardest time of my life.
I feel robbed of a positive pregnancy experience because my ex was a douche and my daughter was born premature.  I blame him because of the stress he caused me.

Premies mean lots of time spent in the hospital.

My son was born premature this is my first night home and I miss him like crazy

Your job can even be on the line.

I got fired because I was spending too much time at the hospital with my son who was born 3 months premature

Not being able to even hold your new baby can be heartbreaking.

today i welcomed my daughter to the world. ten and a half weeks premature. i haven't even seen her yet. it's been nine hours..
Had two miscarriages before being blessed with my son. Born premature so I was scared to get close to him and lose him. Bfs mom called me a bad mom for not wanting to hold him excessively.
I do not know how any mother handles having
 a micro premie, my daughter was just born late pre-term and seeing the complications she's experiencing is heart wrenching.

Finally getting to go home though feels like the biggest victory.

When my daughter was born she was premature and the size of my hand, I'm a single mum and I've lived in hospital with her for the past 10 months, today were being discharged:)

Many babies beat the odds...

My doctor told me my daughter would not live past a year because of how premature she was.
Today she turns 3.

...and live happy, healthy lives...

My son was a 32 weeks premature baby, one of his lungs collapsed 24 hours after he was born, I was terrified. He's 2 now, perfectly healthy, but everyday I'm still scared  of losing him.
My son was born extremely premature back in April. He wasn't supposed to be here until August. I cringe whenever a stranger looks at him because I don't know if they are sick.

...With some added challenges.

My son was born premature, he is pretty healthy but wears high prescription glasses. I just heard a kid tell him he looks like a nerd!  It makes me sad 😞

Unfortunately, not every child makes it...

My premature daughter died after three weeks in the NICU, sometimes my world has ended and sometimes I'm relieved that her suffering ended. So confused.
Everybody looks at me as the girl who lost her baby 6 months ago due to premature birth, nobody knows how much that hurts me or how much I wish my son was here

...but the marks they leave on their mother's hearts are forever.

My daughter was born prematurely and only lived for 6 minutes.
She changed my life forever.
Charlotte Elizabeth, mama loves you


My daughter was born prematurely today. 

I never knew how much I could love someone from the second I saw them until I saw her.


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