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17 Hair-Raising Confessions From Girls Who Deal With Mustache Hair
Girls really do have it rough. In order to live up to society's unrealistic standards of beauty, they endure incredible pain to get their legs waxed, put their noses to the mirror to get a close-up view while they pluck their eyebrows, and deal with unwanted hair in places guys probably didn't even think hair grew on a girl: above their lips. Due to genetics, some girls may have a more prominent mustache than others - even some guys - and if a day goes by without shaving, hello embarrassment. Yes, these girls are aware of the peach fuzz residing beneath their nose. The worst thing someone can do is point it out. Sadly, people speak before thinking and will make a comment that shatters a girl's self-esteem. Beauty is pain but do you know what else is pain? The burning sensation you get when you cut yourself shaving. The following girls know the feeling all too well...


Someone at work said I remind them of Luigi from  Mario bro. I said it must be my mustache ....I'm a girl.

It's a dubious process.

I'm a girl. I have a mustache and I shave it every morning then cover it with make up

Kids are the worst.

In elementary school, kids would call me mustache girl and I would laugh with them and cry on the inside.

Some kids have no chill.

I'm a cashier. This little girl asked me if I was a boy or a girl. I laughed it off and said girl. Then she asked why I had a mustache... Her mother was horrified.

Some days you just can't win.

I'm a girl and this other girl complimented me on my hair, leggings, and mustache yesterday.

I was super flattered. Until I realized... 


The date was going so well until...

Me: This is a fun date... I really like your mustache.

Guy: I'm having fun too! I like your mustache as well! 

I give up on dating.