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22 Psychopaths Who Challenge How People Perceive Them
The reality is it could be anyone.

"Psychopaths are unable to feel love" 

That isn't true. I'm a diagnosed psychopath and I love just as much as anyone else. Maybe more.
A member of my family is a certifiable psychopath who's very good at hiding it. She's terrifying and very few people see it, which makes it that much scarier.
Yes, I am a psychopath. I'm manipulative, a liar, and probably one of the most charming individual you will meet. I wear mask, fake emotions, and care about no one but myself.
"She qualifies as a psychopath in many ways yet she isn't fully one. She still has few emotions but I fear she may be a future threat.."
- my doctor telling my mom.
My "friends"and family say I should get some help. But,
1) no treatment for psychopathy
2) I like myself the way I am.
I hate when people call themselves crazy or psycho just for the fun of it. I show legitimate "psychopath" tendencies. It isn't fun, funny or a joke. It's a real mental disorder.
Psychopathy can get a bad rep. It doesn't necessarily mean we're violent. We just lack conscience and emotion and like to lie and manipulate people to get our way.
I haven't talked to my only sister in 5 years. She's a diagnosed psychopath who made my childhood hell. My family thinks I'm the terrible one. I just want to be able to protect myself.
I've known that I'm a psychopath since I was 14. I've learned to fake not being one since then. I can't have a regular girlfriend, only submissives because I can't hide it all the time
After I scored 89% at a psychopathy test online I decided to see a psychiatrist. Well, it's official now, I'm a psychopath. Woopie.
I'm a high-level, highly intelligent psychopath that has everyone fooled that I can "do no wrong!"
Manipulating normal people is fun...But manipulating another psychopath seems more exciting 
Girls always say they want to date a psychopath. But as a clinically diagnosed psychopath, let me tell you. 99% of you can't take it.
I have Antisocial Personality Disorder  (aka psychopathy or sociopathy). I watch Criminal Minds and it scares me because all the serial killers have the same diagnosis & I have fantasies about killing
 I present a rough exterior to people to hide my good nature and charming ways. 

My good nature and charm mask my psychopathy. 

I'm proud of this
I am a psychopath... I can't tell anyone around me because they get the wrong idea... anyone else feel me?
I have antisocial personality disorder aka psychopathy. But I notice it scares people away. I lack emotions but I can feel empathy. There are "successful psychopaths" everywhere.
Ever since I've been diagnosed ASPD (psychopath), they're trying to "fix"me. They're too ignorant to realize I'm the one that's sane & they need "fixing." I'm uncharted territory & they're intimidated
I am a sociopathic psychopath who is clinically viewed as "insane".
I'm 21, working, in college, modeled for magazines and you'd never ever fucking know it.
I married a psychopath. It's not hot or sexy or beautiful. 

It's soul crushing and painful and expensive and ugly. 

Thank god it's over.


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