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True Life: I'm A Gay Man With Baby Fever
Baby fever isn't only for women. Men can get it too, and these gay men have it bad! So how does it really feel to be a gay man with an urge to have a baby? These confessions reveal all the emotions involved.


I'm gay. I want a baby so bad that I've considered dating women again.

Not a good idea!!

Baby fever so bad thinking bout getting super drunk with a random female so I can have sex.. & hopefully reproduce lmao.. My gay self wanst a baby so bad :(

Wouldn't that be nice...

I'm gay & I just want to be a father. I don't really want a baby dadd,  just someone who'll pay for half the bills haha

If there's a will, there's a way.

I have baby fever sooo bad but I’m a gay male🙄 so it’s gonna be hard to have one😪

Always adoption.

Baby fever, but can’t get pregnant because I’m gay. And male. The struggle is too real.

It will be worth the wait.

Being gay and having baby fever is a special kind of hell. I want a biological child of my own but it's a lot more planning and complicated work. I guess it's time to get started, it will be worth it