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Unique Details: This Is What Dating An Artist Is Really Like
Each relationship you have can be totally different depending on what your partner does for a living or hobby. When it comes to being in love with someone who is creative and artistic, it can be unlike any other love you've experience. This is for better and for worse at times. These people know the feeling all too well as they get real about dating an artist. Read along to see what the hype is really all about.

Won't go bad either!

I was kind of sad when my bf didn't buy me chocolates or flowers on v day. However,  he gave me an even better gift that was handcrafted. The perks of dating an artist ;)

Never a dull moment.

"I'm trying to draw you as a gnome riding a flamingo. It's not working."
Texts like that one I just got are why it's great dating an artist 😂

You can always ask.

My boyfriend is an artist. It breaks my heart that he's never painted a lovely portrait of me.

Makes sense.

Dating an artist is like dating an emotional girl. It can be very draining at times.

Not cool.

The biggest problem of dating an artist is that you'll never be the only girl.

Best not to waste our gifts.

My boyfriend is an artist and I wish he would express himself more. He's so good and should embrace his gift.