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Why Breaking Up With A FWB Is Just As Bad As The Real Thing
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It's still painful.

I broke up with my fwb because I wanted more and I knew I would end up hurt. Tricks on me I'm hurting and crying anyway

Every day gets better.

Broke up with my fwb yesterday because he didn’t want anything more, feel a lot happier today


My fwb broke up with me tonight because I'm getting married. I'm really heartbroken.

Makes sense.

I’m gay and my FWB “broke up with me” because he wanted to be on top and I said no because I wasn’t comfortable.

The nerve.

My fwb broke up with me because he claimed I was falling for him. He's the one who would constantly call and text me.

It's not for everyone.

Just "broke up" with my FWB because I suck at being detached.