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I'm Going Blind. This Is What It Feels Like--
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My best friend has been progressively going blind...
This morning she woke up crying because her sight was completely gone.. I just held her
Perspective changes everything: I was feeling depressed this morning over silly bs. Then my coworker found out her son is going blind. He turned 15 this week. My stupid shit ain't so bad.
I've been slowly going blind. 
My oversized glasses make me feel awful. 
Today the barista complimented them, the first person ever. 
Thank you!!!
I'm slowly going blind, every day I wake up wondering if it's the last day I'll see anything, it's liberating and terrifying.
My boyfriend is going blind. He said I could leave him and he would understand. i handed him two tickets to France.  It's the one place he wants to see most and I've been saving behind his back for the last three years to make sure he sees it.
I want to get married before I go blind so I can see my own wedding. 

I keep everyone at a distance because I don't think people will stay in my life if they knew I was going blind.