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19 People Confess To The Strangest Things They Stole As Kids
Most of us can reflect on our childhood and remember a life lesson or two, at minimum. Was the "Don't steal" lesson part of your upbringing? These 19 people can recall the time (or times) they had a case of sticky fingers and stole items from family members and retail stores. These confessions will make you keep an extra eye on the kids you encounter!

Some people start later than others!

As a kid I stole some berry vodka and took it to school with me to share with my friends I was 13

Trial and error.

I was 5 years old when I stole my mom's cig to smoke because I was a dumb curious kid. 

I ended choking on the smoke and never touched it again.
I still feel guilty about the Mickey Mouse hat I stole from Disney World when I was a kid. The man ignored me when I was trying to hand him the money, so I just walked off with the hat...

Popcorn IS pretty hard to resist.

Once I stole popcorn from a stranger kid sitting next to me at the cinema. I was 17. I don't know what got into me, and he even realized it and said "Don't you dare again!". Sorry..

Guilt is a strong emotion.

I stole a young girls bike when I was a kid.
I took it back for a reward.
I still feel bad.
I'm 30 years old now.


When I was a kid, my friend and I stole pets from around the neighborhood and returned them when the owners put up rewards.