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Here's What It's Like To Have Your Child Hate Your New Boyfriend
It's not easy for a young child to adjust to one (or both) of their parent's new love life. While their mother may assure their son or daughter that no man will ever replace their father, some kids need a bit more reassurance. Dating as a single mother can be hard enough, but when your pride and joy lashes out and shows animosity to any new potential love interest, it can feel as if you're destined to be alone forever because after all, kids come first. The following mothers confess not only what it's like to have their child hate their new boyfriend but also how they're dealing with it. Heads up: it's not well.

What's a girl to do?

My son hates my boyfriend because he thinks I'm replacing him 
He doesn't understand my love for them is different! I love my son unconditionally, I shouldn't have to be alone forever

Her kids come first.

My daughter told me today that she doesn't like my boyfriend. I am never gonna make my daughter feel like she is second to my love life. I am going to break up with him. It's an easy choice she's #1

There may be some jealousy issues here.

My daugher hates my boyfriend so much she refuses to come to see our newborn daughter. And started a fight with me while I was in labor.

We need more love.

Having a birthday party for my daughter, and my boyfriend doesn't want to come because he knows she hates him. I wish everybody could just get along.

Mister mature over here.

When my son first met my new boyfriend he spit on him. I get that change is bad but I was so embarrassed. I did not raise that kind of kid.

Everyone deserves a second chance at love.

My boyfriend broke up with me because he said my daughter makes him uncomfortable. My daughter is mad because she thinks he is replacing her dad. I feel like I'll never find love again.